About us

Who We Are?

Zita Ayurveda uses authentic Ayurvedic formulations without harmful chemicals, and our products are all natural, balanced solutions. We prioritise long-term efficacy and wellness over short-term temporary results that can harm the skin.

Our Philosophy

Why Us?

We think that beauty products made from living material, such as plants or plant extracts, are naturally balanced and contain the vibratory energy that gives life its vibratory energy. These have all of the cleansing, nourishing, and balancing capabilities that are required to care for the skin and maintain its eternal beauty. They are ideal foods for your skin.

We harness the power of plant extracts as a part of our commitment to using naturally effective and sustainably sourced ingredients to achieve superior results organically.

over values

Ethical Sourcing

Our resources come from small-scale farmers, traditional artisans, and rural co-operatives who are professionals in their fields and have organic farms.
As a result, we’ve been able to lower transportation costs, produce less trash, and boost efficiency.
We offer good dealing practises and independence-building prices in exchange.

Discovering Ayurveda


For over 6,000 years, Indian physicians have understood the secrets to perfect skin and youthful beauty, which are preserved in ‘Ayurveda,’ or ‘Knowledge of Life,’ one of the world’s oldest systems of health care and healing.
Ayurveda operates on four levels: body, breath, mind, and spirit; only when all four are in perfect harmony do you radiate both outer and inner beauty.

Our products are certified 100% natural and inspired by Ayurveda recipes by the ministry of AYUSH. We conform to the highest quality control standards.

Backbone behind zita ayurveda

Our Founder

Dr. Rashmi Ved

There is one thing that we know about Dr. Rashmi Ved. She is intrigued by all that is unusual and not common. This is something that is conveyed through her various facets by the strikingly and simple persona she has. As she says “Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.” Dr. Rashmi Ved is one of the managing directors of Zita Ayurveda. She loves the exotic way of life. This is why she created a luxury as well as a user-friendly Ayurveda brand which she created by traveling to offbeat locales and tried to outlandish the exotic cuisines. This spirit of hers where she tries to pursue things that are behind the ordinary is what brought her to this stair of success.


Our Happy Customers

Meera Singh

Zita Ayurveda Anti-aging cream faded away my pigmentation, marks very early. It's like magic in a bottle, and it leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and glowing. Definitely worth a shot! All Zita Ayurveda products have exceeded my expectations.

Arjun Taneja

My daughter forced me to use this cream. I liked the fragrance and feel of this cream, and after using it for a few days, I noticed that my skin was less dull and more hydrated. I'm going to keep using it now...

Aarti Brar

For the past month, I've been using zita ayurveda's cream. So far, everything has gone pretty smoothly. Every morning, my skin feels nourished and has brightened slightly. This is something I will continue to use.

Akanksha Surana

Wonderful scent! The scent is subtle and fresh, and I adore it! It transforms bath time into a delightful and peaceful experience. Perfect for any season, but it truly helps me beat the winter blues.

Sajan Kumar

Zita Ayurveda's products are fantastic. The products make you feel refreshed, and your skin sparkles. The texture of your skin improves, and your pores tighten.

Arvind Bhat

The products are fantastic.It is quite gentle on the skin and does not dry it out after use. The best part is that it just absorbs excess oil, leaving my skin nourished and clean.

Siddhi Kolhe

Gentle, soothing and superbly effective. Lovely aroma. The ingredients are so lovely that it feels nature is adoring and tending you with all goodness, care and love.